Roxy and I are off to the French Riviera and looking for some book recommendations. This trip has been in the making for many months and all of a sudden it is here and I don’t know what to read!. One of my favorite books about French folks is Tete-a-Tete: The Tumultuous Lives & Loves of Simone de Beavouir and Jean-Paul Sartre, by Hazel Rowley, about…well…I think the title sums it up pretty well. I read it a few times and it may be one I bring with me.

Not too long ago I also read The Lost Vintage by Ann Mah. This story follows Kate, who is on a journey to becoming a master wine taster and just so happens to have a family vineyard estate in Burgundy. There is a WWII story line weaved in here which makes the book read a little like a mystery. Although it took me a little bit to get into it, I very much enjoyed this one overall.

But now! I’d love to read something that takes place in Nice or somewhere close. Any recommendations?

We are going to be there for six days and have two tour type things planned (half-day walking food & wine tour, of course, and a drive to the country to visit the Fragonard Perfumery and some vineyards) and the rest of the time free. I’m excited because the Musée Matisse is a thirty minute walk from our  hotel and on the way is Musée national Marc Chagall. the national Picasso museum is in Vallauris, a thirty minute drive from where we are, so I might see if we can fit that in as well. In our area, there are too many bookstores to name! Can’t wait to  find a French version of Alice in Wonderland with an illustrator I don’t have.

Picasso and Matisse biographies I recommend:

To read: