Back in the good ol’ days, when I was able to go to my gym, I ended up in a random book convo with a gentleman I’d never spoken to before. I can’t remember how we got there but he suggested I read The Overstory by Richard Powers. He told me it is a book about trees and that was all I needed. I went on and on for a bit about how much I love trees and when I’m on vacation, I usually take more pictures of trees than people or anything else, really. His eyes glazes over as I ranted and we parted ways.

May is my month to choose a book for my bookclub so I chose The Overstory. The book starts with each chapter focusing on a different character, or family, and in each story a specific tree is prominent. The tree has as much of a story as the character does. Eventually, the stories meet up and become one. I enjoyed the book as a whole and I think I really loved it when it was individual stories. I would have liked it to continue with the individual stories but then I suppose you couldn’t call it a novel!

It got me thinking about how I get obsessed with trees when I’m away from Denver but that I know nothing about them. The only trees I know about are the ones in my backyard. And last year, I managed to let one of them die.

Anyway! Here are some of my favorite tree pictures from some of my trips last year. Enjoy!