Boat trip day! The beaches are best on the islands a boat ride away, so we booked a boat trip via Airbnb. However! First thing in the morning I got an email saying it was cancelled due to high winds. Boo. This was the second boat trip we were unsuccessful with, the first one ghosting us right at the booking stage. With a whole free day in front of us, we headed to breakfast only to find a map on the door to another breakfast place. It was worth walking from the Stepping Stone to the Pebble; breakfast was good and Jennie humored me while I stopped to take pictures of every door along the way. We immediately went to another café to get baked treats to go: cream cake, cheese puff, and a caramel, guava and cheese empanada!

We spent our last afternoon at Pavia, finishing our books and drinking our newly coined Pavia Especial. And of course, we ate more arepas. As we wandered around the streets by our hotel looking for somewhere to get a drink, we found a pizza place (Di Silvio) and decided to get some wine and an appetizer. It was so good we ended up staying for pizza and pasta. After dinner we went to the restaurant next door for more wine but they were out. True story. So we drank a lot of mojitos and headed to Café Havana. We had to pay a cover but with that cover came a drink a piece. More mojitos please! It was dead when we got there but by 11pm the band started and place was packed. The entire front of the bar was filled with people dancing. We had a very early morning back to the airport so we left without dancing and of course headed to the plaza for one final empanada.